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Ouija - Bran Sólo

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Ouija - Bran Sólo

Ouija - Bran Sólo


Ouija decorated with transfer on wood

  •  Wooden board 25x35x1 cm with transfer with hand-cut pointer on wood.
  •  Inspired by the traditional Ouija, this version tries to establish a connection with the real world, not with the afterlife, with emotions, and helps us in the search for true love.
  •  It is produced on demand within approximately 15 days.

It is usually prepared in less than 7 working days and is shipped door to door in 48h service to Spain.

Worldwide shipping (international service takes between 5 and 7 working days).

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How does it work?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, think of a question and wait.

Leave your fingers slightly on the planchette (the heart-shaped pointer with a hole in it) that rests on the board. Do not rest your hands or arms. Your own body will naturally move the pointer. When you open your eyes, write down what you see through the hole and start again.

Finally, take a deep breath and push the pointer towards the sleeping  child's face at the bottom.

Check your notes and interpret the ones that make sense to you.

It's not about contacting the afterlife, but your subconscious!