La Cala del Muerto

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La Cala del Muerto

La Cala del Muerto


Reproduction in printing with powdered pigment

  •  High quality printing on Canson® paper 250 gr.
  •  Colour calibrated by the artist.
  •  Paper treated for durability without changing tone.
  •  Compatible with standard framing, shipped unframed.
  •  Signed at the front.
  •  Certificate of authenticity attached.

It is usually prepared in less than 7 working days, and sent door to door in service 48h for Spain.

Shipping worldwide (around 5 working days).

The author reserves the right to produce a printed edition.

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About this work

In Dead Man's Cove
I buried a chest,
with bones, with dust,
with forgetfulness and grief.
And cutting the sea like veins,
sails your infinite doubt, your ghost ship,
your black flag.
I wish your doubt was still mine
and my chest your fist,
I wish my sorrow was oblivion
and my heart to you.


The shipwrecked man, symbol of collapse, of disaster, of sinking... as well as of new beginnings, of survival, of hope.
In the illustration, a man dives, attracted by the light of a heart, which remains hidden under the sea.