La Rosa Azul

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La Rosa Azul

La Rosa Azul


Reproduction in printing with powdered pigment

  •  High quality printing on Canson® paper 250 gr.
  •  Colour calibrated by the artist.
  •  Paper treated for durability without changing tone.
  •  Compatible with standard framing, shipped unframed.
  •  Signed at the front.
  •  Certificate of authenticity attached.

It is usually prepared in less than 7 working days, and sent door to door in service 48h for Spain.

Shipping worldwide (around 5 working days).

The author reserves the right to produce a printed edition.

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About this work

This is one of the first illustrations I published when I started my career as an artist, and it is one of the few women I have ever drawn.

The scene depicts a woman, wrapped in a blue halo, who seems to be smelling, or tasting, a petal of a blue rose floating between the fingers of her hand.

On her mantle, a story of sea creatures, burning houses and wolves lighting the way becomes visible.