La cena fría

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La cena fría

La cena fría


Reproduction in printing with powdered pigment

  •  High quality printing on Canson® paper 250 gr.
  •  Colour calibrated by the artist.
  •  Paper treated for durability without changing tone.
  •  Compatible with standard framing, shipped unframed.
  •  Signed at the front.
  •  Certificate of authenticity attached.

It is usually prepared in less than 7 working days, and sent door to door in service 48h for Spain.

Shipping worldwide (around 5 working days).

The author reserves the right to produce a printed edition.

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About this work

It belongs to the 2019 Empty Room series.

Solitude, melancholy and silence are the shades that colour this work.

Dinner has been left cold. No one appears on the scene, except a heart that was about to be devoured and that now shows vegetation growing from inside, as if searching for something, as a symbol of a last hope.

Although the piece seems pessimistic, one can see in it the intention to let the action that takes place be positive. Maybe the missing person has left the scene to find what he was waiting for at the last moment, or maybe the fact that he did not consume the heart offered as dinner means that there may still be love left.