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Original drawing on paper

  • Oil on wood canvas.
  • 400x300x50 mm. approx.
  • Matt varnished.
  • Colour, dust and UV protection.
  • Signed on the side.
  • Authenticity certificate attached.

It is usually prepared in less than 7 working days, and sent door to door in service 48h for Spain.

For security reasons in transport it is shipped unframed. All reproductions have a standard framing size of 21x30cm (8x12" approx) or 30x40cm (12x16" approx). Original works have variable size, see above.

Shipping worldwide (within 5 working days once ready).

The author reserves the right to produce a printed edition.


About this work

Model: Manu Ríos

Angel Olsen
What is it you think I need?
Maybe it's too hard to see
I don't want it all
I've had enough
I don't want it all
I've had a love
Worst feeling I've had is gone
It's gone
I know how it all comes back
I know too well
Now I'm done
I'm leaving once again
Makin' my own plan
I'm not looking for the answer
Or anything that lasts
I just want to see some beauty
Try and understand
If we got to know each other
How rare is that?
All that space in between where we stand
Could be our chance
Could be our chance
I'm walking through the scenes
I'm sayin' all the lines
I wish I could un-see some things that gave me life
I wish I could un-know some things that taught me so
I wish I could believe all that's been promised me
It's hard to say forever love
Forever's just so far
It's hard to say forever love
Forever's just so far
It's hard to say forever love
Forever's just so far
Why don't you say you're with me now
With all of your heart?