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Willy (Mreyte مرايتي Series)

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Willy (Mreyte مرايتي Series)

Willy (Mreyte مرايتي Series)


Original painting on Pankaster paper

  • Acrylic on Pankaster paper.
  • 277x400 mm. approx.
  • Matt varnished.
  • Colour, dust and UV protection.
  • Signed on the front.
  • Authenticity certificate attached.

It is usually prepared in less than 7 working days, and sent door to door in service 48h for Spain.

Shipping worldwide (around 5 working days).

The author reserves the right to produce a printed edition.

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About this work

The series Mreyte (مرايتي), "Mirror", is based on the photographs received (on request) by Bran Solo on his social networks.

The models appear holding the phone in front of the mirror. No matter the face, no matter the identity.

It is the body that speaks, and without words it can ask for the most vain of distractions, as well as the deepest emotion that a human being can experience.

We are no longer people. We are digital shadows. Information trapped in an artificial memory kept alive by electricity. Electricity that one day will stop flowing and make us disappear forever.